Nature’s Loving Care (+) Shampoo / Conditioner Plus Body Wash

All-Natural, Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ 3-In-1 Product With ENDURE56® (U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1) Specialty Oil.

All ENDURE56, LLC products are free of damaging chemicals including the near 1,000 endocrine-disrupting chemicals (both of which may act like hormones) in 95%+ of the following: medicines including OTC, personal care products, fragrances, cosmetics, drugs (including FDA approved), pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, plastics you eat and drink out of, and many more products, which damage and disease both red and white blood cells and shortens the number of "healthy years" a person lives, and increases the cost of both living and dying. The majority (more than 60%) of these endocrine-disruptors are found inside the home, not outside.

 TO PURCHASE - Call (432) 695-4467 (Midland, TX.) between 9AM - 6PM CST and speak with a real person to order, THANK YOU! Price per 16 FL. OZ. bottle is $24.00

THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER IS: "YOU BUY YOUR CANCER!" Cancer is For Sale in 95%, or more, of other products, not ours.

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"It ain't what we know that gives us trouble, it's what we know that ain't so." - - Will Rogers

"From error to error, one discovers the entire truth."  - -  Sigmund Freud 

'Chemical ingredients' or 'Nutrient ingredients', it's your choice. Nutrients are common to the human body and hair, and a long list of other biological materials. Chemicals are not! Chemicals share no more in common to healthy hair and skin than adding mouthwash when making a bowl of oatmeal. In a real analysis of hair available on this website, there are 35 of the 40 nutrient ingredients identified in healthy hair, also in this shampoo/body wash. Compare that number of 35, to only one nutrient ingredient found in other shampoo (water), while containing none of the other 39 nutrient ingredients vital to healthy hair and skin. If you don't like your hair, or, your skin, there's a direct connection to the chemicals, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals, in the products you select to use. 

All ENDURE56, LLC products contain the Specialty Oil ENDURE56®, U.S. Patent No. 9,139,754 B1 . No other oil (e.g., Sunflower Seed, Soybean, Canola, Rosemary, Rosehip, Red Raspberry Seed, Olive, Carrot Seed, Peppermint, Monoi, Black Cumin Seed, African Marula, Golden Jojoba, Tamanu/Foraha, Borage-Seed, Soybean, Sweet Almond, Moringa, Grapeseed, Flaxseed, Flax, Linseed, Meadowfoam Seed, Emu, Coconut, Lavandin, Macadamia, and, Argan, to name a few) provides more, hair, skin, human body and wood benefits! Like skin and hair, wood too is a biological material. ENDURE56® specialty oil includes all four organic compounds, PLUS so much more, is only found in the products this company makes (including "Oxy3 Pain Relief - Healing/Wound Remedy Oil"). No other skin/body/hair/wood - oil provides 181 benefits. Only Patented ENDURE56® specialty oil in ALL of our products (and no other products in the world) provides more hair and skin plant-based nutrient benefits (common to both hair, skin and the human body) while also containing no endocrine disrupting chemicalsWhile our products don't contain any cancer-causing ingredients, endocrine-disrupting chemicals or poisons, our products do include a number of anti-cancer plant-based nutrients to assist in detoxifying your body/hair/skin.  

 Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ Providing Forty-four Positive (+) Charge Plant-Based Nutrient Ingredients That Attract and Bond To Hair

The 44 plant-based nutrient ingredients are: 1 green food grass, 1 herb, 2 amino acids, 2 varieties of mushrooms, 5 fruits, 9 vegetables, 11 vitamins, and, 13 minerals. For more details, and to learn more continue to read the content on this website. 

Chemical-free shampoos with ONLY plant-based ingredients are purchased by more than 34% of all consumers. What do these consumers know that other consumers don't? 

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