Nature’s Loving Care (+) Shampoo / Conditioner Plus Body Wash

All-Natural, Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ 3-In-1 Product With ENDURE56® (Patent Pending) Specialty Oil

IMPORTANT NEWS! If poisoning your body each day is no concern to you, go shop for other products. If this isn't the case please click on "BLOG" and read my 10/25/2104, and later, post: "The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Hormone/Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals." Why Do We Continue to Drink From the Poison Cup? I'm writing and posting each section one at a time. It's a work in progress which will be completed by 11/2/14.  Samuel Epstein, MD, in his book "Toxic Beauty" "Your skin is enough of a barrier to keep fluids within your body  . . . but it also absorbs many things which it comes in contact." (Epstein, S., M.D. "Toxic Beauty" [BenBella Books, 2009]). 

No other product is better for both hair and skin! IS FREE OF ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING CHEMICALS (EDCs)! Try to find another product that will tell you that, and 'yes' it does matter. Compare to WEN hair care products which contain these EDCs (Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, and, Propylene Glycol).

"Cancer Facts and Figures" data from the American Cancer Society, Inc., Surveillance Research indicates DEATHS OF WOMEN, and MEN, from cancer continue to climb (2005-2014, inclusive). Over the last ten years no other cancer has played a larger roll in: 1). being consistant; 2). steadfast duration; and, 3). faster rising and increasing number of deaths to women than ENDOCRINE SYSTEM CANCER! For ten years straight the estimated death toll has increased 2% every year, or, 20% increase. This year close to 14,000 women (estimated) will die from it. For men it's been ten straight years of ever-increasing deaths toll to skin cancer (77,680 estimated deaths over 10 years), which is the most consistently increasing taker of lives. In second place is ENDOCRINE SYSTEM CANCER that's claiming the lives of approximately 11,450 over the same time period.

WHAT CAUSES Endocrine System Cancer? The leading contributors are the near 1,000 deadly toxic (poisonous) chemicals, including synthetic ones, in 80% plus, of ALL the products you apply to your body each day. Think of being bitten by a venomous snake daily but only a tiny amount of poison is secreted into your bloodstream versus a lethal single one. Toxic/poisonous including endocrine disrupting chemicals are included in almost every product you use, but not in anything we make. We stay away from cheap and deadly ingredients avoiding the stupidity follows the crowd thinking, other manufacturers follow in selecting their deadly ingredients. We prefer the BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ manner of engineering our products and believe people prefer smarter alternatives, which are better, prolong and sustain life and living, with 181 benefits too (try and find that in another product as well). Endocrine disrupting chemicals are included in makeup kits, also included in the free cosmetics give-away initiative among breast cancer survivors. These ingredients do penetrate into the skin and blood stream (yes yours)! Individuals in a long list of professions (e.g., licensed cosmetologist, beauty and nail salon workers, hair stylist, to name a few) contribute to the dire effects and impacts of cancer by use of, and application to you of, products whose ingredients contain them. Whether their aware, or not, of what they are doing their actions and use of products are directly linked to the number of days you awake, or, don't the next day. You can decide and follow your own path.  

The single most important reason product labels need to be read is to avoid cancer-causing chemicals. Other personal care and beauty products contain cancer-causing ingredients and even in low doses using these products every day is enough to cause concern in regards to getting cancer from them. In the words of Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., MD Anderson professor and director of the Integrative Medicine Program: "A good rule of thumb: if you can't pronounce the ingredient and you don't know what it is, you should proceed with caution and seek more information, Cohen says" (Espat, A. & Cordeiro, B., 2014, August).

This is a 3-In-1 green plant *100% plant-based nutrient ingredients enriched hair care product (with 181 benefits) unlike ALL OTHER shampoo/conditioner plus body wash materials in the world! This product contains a Patent Pending one of a kind oil ENDURE56®. This oil provides the four organic compounds found in all living things (protein, carbohydrates, lipids/fatty acids and nucleic acids). This shampoo/conditioner plus body wash is made with 100% natural and biodegradable coconut kernal oil-based surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate-free). The natural coconut kernal oil-based surfactant we use results in foam (not soap suds), which is preferred for skin and hair (will not strip away vital sebum oil from hair as harsh soap suds do). How does it smell? It has a nature's forest smell. Nature's Loving Care (+) contains no artificial or other fragrances, perfumes/parfum since far to many of them are toxic (contain hazardous solvents) and this product is 100% toxic and solvent free. We use no artificial colors, wheat, lactose, soy or dairy products either. Any one using this one of a kind $26.00 per 16 fl. oz. bottle (price includes all shipping) product will benefit knowing that it contains 27+ anti-cancer nutrients! This hair and skin care product also contains thirty-five (35) nutrients identified in hair. They are as follows: 17 amino acids, 13 minerals, protein, purified water, lipids/fatty acids (e.g., omega-3, 6, 9), nitrogen and sulfur. These thirty-five are VITAL to REstore, REbuild and REjuvenate hair and skin. The 181 benefits mentioned earlier include: 49 antioxidant, 36 anti-inflammatory, 27 anti-itch, 20 moisture retention, 18 anti-fungal to combat dandruff, 15 anti-aging, 7 anti-bacterial, 6 anti-viral, and 3 conditioners that are not found in any other hair or skin care product. Soon (below) we'll discuss the 44 positive (+) charge ingredients in this product that attract and bond with negative (-) charge hair no other hair and skin care product contain. Other differences between this (unlike all other) hair care products - is that it's also a skin care product with a greater number of nutrients for skin than any other product, we could identify. All the plant-based nutrients and properties mentioned above are vital if you want healthy hair and skin, We invite, welcome, and highly urge, you to Compare Our Ingredients of this BIOLOGICAL GREEN product (defined on this website) to the ingredients of any/all, other hair, and skin care products (including 'Organic', and 'Certified Organic' hair and skin care products). Most likely the only nutrient ingredient common to both hair and skin in other hair (including skin) care products is water. The nutrient ingredient water, alone, DOESN'T PROVIDE the 181, or the 35, or the 44. OR the four organic compounds -  synergistic BENEFITS in this 3-In-1 product. Read about our new product "Oxy3 Pain Relief" Healing / Wound Remedy Oil - at the end of this page. 

Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ Providing Forty-four Positive (+) Charge Plant-Based Nutrient Ingredients That Attract and Bond To Hair

The 44 plant-based nutrient ingredients are: 1 green food grass, 1 herb, 2 amino acids, 2 varieties of mushrooms, 5 fruits, 9 vegetables, 11 vitamins, and, 13 minerals. For more details, and to learn more continue to read the content on this website. 

Providing the greatest number of BENEFITS at the most affordable price is the KEY to everything we do at ENDURE56, LLC. What we don't do is push features. Features of shampoo/conditioners and body washes don't improve hair/skin health. Market Research results indicate there's NO other hair or skin care product(s) providing comparable benefits to Nature's Loving Care (+). 

Chemical-free shampoos with ONLY plant-based ingredients are purchased by more than 34% of all consumers. What do these consumers know that other consumers don't? They know: a). skin absorbs most everything it comes into contact with, including ALL the hazardous including toxic ingredients in more than 80,000 chemicals (a number growing by 1,000 to 2,000 each year); b). what passes through porous skin will wind up in the blood stream, and the effects are both accumulative and negative on the human body and hair over time; c). that 11,000 hair and skin care products are not tested for safety every year; d). That 98 - 99% of the ingredients in hair and skin care products ARE NOT BENEFICIAL to hair and skin; e). they know that spray paint ingredients are in hair and skin care products; f). that hair is really dead and hair health can only be improved by #1. a proper and healthy diet, and, #2. from positively (+) charged nutrient ingredients applied by external topical application to hair; g). more than 5,000 chemicals are used making hair dye's and certain ones are cancer-causing; h). aluminum from anti-perspirants goes straight to the brain and is also linked to Parkinson's disease; i). that shaving creams combine hazardous chemicals which have a significant probability to cause cancer. AND ON, AND ON, AND ON . . .


Yes we'd love you to purchase this 3-In-1 one-of-a-kind product but if you don't please read the material on this site and absorb the information we have researched, including the words and published knowledge of industry and other professionals. We hope you will expand your knowledge and agree what you place on your skin and hair does matter and the consequences can be serious, and certainly can be life shortening. Quality of life does matter, it's why we make every thing we market the BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ defined way, and no way else. Read and click on "Comparisons" to learn how this product compairs to USDA Certified Organic shampoos and conditioners costing more. Please click on "LEARN MORE" "Thank You!" for spending your valuable time on our website, we've tried to do our best letting you know about the hazardous hair and skin care products that saturate the marketplace and ask you for your purchase of Nature's Loving Care (+) Shampoo/Conditioner Plus Body Wash. Start the 100% plant-based (minus less than 1%) cleansing to detoxify your body, and the bodies of others today. Help us to spread the news. Again, Thank You!  

 * minus less than one percent

(2014). Beauty products and cancer: Are you at risk? [Online]. Available: . . . (2014, August). 

New Product Release (before years end)! -  "Oxy3 Pain Relief" Healing/Wound Remedy Oil (With no hazardous chemicals, toxins, aqua/water, toxic, or alcohol ingredients). Sold in a 2 Fl. Oz. Cobalt Blue Bottle to protect oils from UV and other light. This is a 99.9% plant-based nutrients and oxygen enriched New Technology product for humans and pets. Is BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ with Patent Pending  ENDURE56®. Includes 30% plus, concentration of oxygen O2/O3. Oxygen is #1 for anti-aging and accelerates wound healing.  Compare our lower price to old technology Vita-A-Kombi 2, a much higher priced product with water and cheaper evaporative ingredients (including alcohols and solvents), AND potential cancer-causing endocrine disrupting chemicals (e.g., 2% hydrogen peroxide, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, and others). The ingredients of  Oxy3 Pain Relief, are: ACTIVE INGREDIENT: tea tree (Chinese) essential oil, 10%.  Purpose:  antiseptic.  INGREDIENTS:  olive oil, olive oil (ozonated), flaxseed oil, red raspberry seed oil, plurality of minerals, vitamins, and more. Storage: Store below 86 degrees F.   Instructions for use: Warning - For topical external use only! Before applying to wound or skin blemish clean site first with hydrogen peroxide. Apply daily as needed. To speed healing apply to cuts, dry/or itching skin, dry nostrils, sunburn, dry lips, eczema, shingles, psoriasis, diabetic sores, bruises, poison ivy, mosquito/insect bites, etc. Oxygen attraction at treated area may become red (is normal). The  redness will fade away over time. 

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