Nature’s Loving Care (+) Shampoo / Conditioner Plus Body Wash

All-Natural, Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ 3-In-1 Product With ENDURE56® (Patent Pending) Specialty Oil


You are a natural, biological being, full of life and vitality, unique, able to differentiate good from bad. You are the decision maker when it comes to the selection of what you put onto your own hair and skin. So why are you putting synthetic, toxic/poisonous chemicals on your hair and skin? More than 11,000 hair and skin products (including many pushed by supermodels) aren’t tested for safety and that number is rising.

Ninety-eight to 99% of ingredients in many hair and skin care products are NOT beneficial to hair and skin, and some ingredients are actually toxic. Water is the only nutrient ingredient in great majority of hair and skin care products beneficial to both. Only all-natural 100% plant-based (minus less than one percent), positively charged biological nutrient ingredients incommon to hair and skin, can restore, rebuild, and rejuvenate, hair and skin! Nature's Loving Care (+) includes 44 positively (+), charged nutrient ingredients to attract and bond with hair, as no other shampoo/conditioner plus body wash can do. With many common shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and similar products, this is NOT what you are getting. Forget the words natural, organic and certified organic, they mean little to nothing to hair. Shampoo and conditioning is all what's inside the container - "It's all about incommon to hair ingredients." Few ingredients will attract and bond to negatively charged wet/dry hair. The greatest majority of shampoo and conditioner ingredients provide zero-to-little health benefits to hair. For cleansing hair, liquid laundry/or, dish washing detergents, or a bar of soap will cleanse hair.   

Yes we'd love you to purchase this 3-In-1 one-of-a-kind product but if you don't please read the material on this site and absorb the information we have researched, including the words and published knowledge of industry and other professionals. We hope you will expand your knowledge and agree what you place on your skin and hair does matter and the consequences can be serious, and certainly can be life shortening. Quality of life does matter, it's why we make every thing we market the BIOLOGICAL GREEN™ defined way, and no way else. We welcome you to compare this product to ALL OTHERS - no other hair and skin care product comes close. Read and click on "Comparisons" to learn how this product compairs to USDA Certified Organic shampoos and conditioners costing more. Please click on "LEARN MORE" "Thank You!" for spending your valuable time on our website, we've tried to do our best letting you know about the hazardous hair and skin care products that saturate the marketplace and ask you for your purchase of Nature's Loving Care (+) Shampoo/Conditioner Plus Body Wash. Start the 100% plant-based (minus less than 1%) cleansing to detoxify your body, and the bodies of others today. Help us to spread the news. Again, Thank You!    

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